Daniel Hill the techie one

Daniel Hill BSc (Hons) MBCS

Having been fascinated by computer technology from a boy, Dan built his first computer at the age of 16 and was the first person at his school to complete an IT GCSE. Now all grown up with a mortgage, Dan quite literally uses his skills to pay the bills, putting his first class degree in Computer Science and fascination with new technology to good work. He handles web development, programming and computing hardware, and still occasionally finds the time to make a cup of tea. Outside of work Dan tries to keep pace with all things new in the world of technology, some of which appears on the Mamu blog, but still finds time to play the latest Xbox games.

Favourite game: Portal Best component: Solid State PCI-E card
Favourite film: Apocalypse Now Favourite website: Not always right
Favourite band: Pixies
Favourite TV show: 15 Storeys High
Guilty Pleasure: Dairylea and salt & vinegar crisp sandwiches
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Faye Richardson the creative one

Faye Richardson BA (Hons)

After graduating with a BA in English, Faye started out her working career as an Office Manager, but soon decided she'd rather do her own admin than someone else's. A lifetime of doodling and pointlessly surfing the internet turned into very good training for website design and, after learning and developing vital Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills, she's never looked back. She now handles website design, graphic design, content writing and administration, but still harbours a secret ambition to run away with the circus and look after the elephants. She loves genuine indie music, character-based films, beautiful art and feminist theory, but thinks her Xbox gamer score is pretty good for a girl.

Favourite game: Skyrim (Elder Scrolls) Favourite font: Quattrocento Sans
Favourite film: Mulholand Drive Favourite website: PostSecret
Favourite band: Warpaint
Favourite TV show: The Wire Series 1
Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Jeremy Kyle Show
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