Computer and Laptop Repair

computer repairs

Uh oh. Screen frozen? Funny noise coming out of your laptop? Tower won't switch on? Don't panic - give us a call. With five years' professional experience and a lifetime's worth of tinkering, we've seen all sorts over the years, and we may just be able to make your computer as good as new. We can offer initial troubleshooting advice over the phone or, for more serious problems, we can make home visits to really get to grips with the problem. We'll keep in touch to let you know how things are going, and we'll never replace parts without letting you know beforehand exactly how much it would cost. Our rates are reasonable, and we'll never try to sell you repairs that you don't need. And if the worst comes to the worst and your machine just isn't repairable, we'll do our best to recover all personal information from the hard drive so that you won't lose any of your data - we know just how heart-rending it can be to lose everything.

Unsure of some of the terms we've used? We've handpicked a few definitions for you below, or you can visit our glossary for a comprehensive list. Click on 'read more' to see the full definition.
Blue Screen: Also known as the BSoD or Blue Screen of Death, this refers to the bright blue error screen that is display on Windows machines when the system has an unrecoverable crash. The technical name for this is a stop error, and occurs when the com... read more
Booting Up: Booting up is the process that computers and mobile devices go through when they're turned on. Once powered, the computer runs through the 'boot process', which checks over the hardware of the system and loads the operating system. Once the... read more
Bug: A bug in computer terms is any problem or error that occurs, whether caused by software or hardware. The term bug dates back to before the digital era, with Edison referring to bugs in electrical circuitry in the 1870s. However, it is thoug... read more
Clean Install: A clean install in computing terms is installing an already installed piece of software as if it has never been present on a user's system before, as opposed to simply reinstalling the software. To do this, you must remove all traces of the... read more
Debug: Debugging is the process of removing and eliminating errors or defects in software programs. This usually occurs before software release, but can sometimes occur after general release if an error is noticed too late. When this happens, an u... read more
Hard Disk Drive (HDD): The hard disk drive is the hardware that stores and retrieves information in a computer system. Unlike RAM, which resets when the computer is turned off, the hard drive keeps all information intact due to the data being stored magnetically.... read more
Safe Mode: Safe mode is a boot option in most major operating systems (sometimes called safe boot) that disables all non-essential hardware and software components. A computer may boot up in safe mode automatically if it has been failing to boot norma... read more