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We're a one-man, one-woman, one-dog team with a love of computing and technology and an even bigger passion for personal service. With a little technological know-how and a touch of creative flair, we decided to set up on our own and provide the kind of professional, caring service that we felt was lacking in many large chain stores. Treating our clients as individuals rather than sales targets is important to us, and we aim to provide a service that's right for you, whether you're an individual home user or a large corporation. As for us, we get the satisfaction of a job well done - and that makes us all tingly inside.

our philosophy

Based in Lincoln, we're a small company that believes that personal computing should be exactly that, and that one size doesn't always fit all. Our philosophy is to cater to the individual and not the masses. We aim to offer a simple, affordable service catered to you and your needs - whether you want the ease of picking a package deal, or something a little more tailored, and we cater to both the advanced user and the self-confessed novice, regardless of ability or experience.

We know that new technology isn't always the easiest to understand and we're quite happy to explain and advise if there's anything you're unsure of, without resorting to jargon. Our glossary can explain any terms you may not know in simple, non-techie language, and our consultancy service ranges from choosing a new PC or gadget to fitting out a new office. We want to make sure that you get the best from your technology, and that it works to make your life easier, simpler, or just plain ol' fun.

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Our IT Services

At Mamu Computing we entirely seperate the processes of website design and website development. We believe that the design of your website should not be restricted or guided by the implementation. That's why our designers are the creative types that don't get involved with the technical code that makes a website work, but work with you to find an eye-catching look for your site. We find this results in a website that is designed around you, your business and your customers, not templates or previous work. This can make implementation more challenging, which is why all coding is done by technically minded people who embrace the challenge.

Amongst our website design services we offer basic websites, personal websites and blogs, large websites, company intranets, e-commerce websites and online stores. All websites are implemented to be easily indexed by search engines, allowing people to find your new website, and we can integrate your website with numerous social networks to allow you to connect with your customers via every medium. We also offer everything you need to get your new website out there on the internet and attracting viewers: domain name hosting, personalised emails, website hosting and even web analytics so that you can check who's been checking you out. So if you're feeling ready to take on the internet, just give us a call to discuss what you're looking for.

Our IT Services

Many industries rely on their computer systems, but getting the balance of performance, cost and life span can be very tricky. Here at Mamu Computing we're experienced in delivering the right system for you. We have supplied low cost, reliable computers for call centres, where uptime and capital expenditure are critical but, at the other end of the spectrum, we've designed custom built PCs for architects, who require high performance to handle the vast detail held within their 3D models, and DJs, who need high performance and specialist equipment for composing their next dance floor filler. In order to get the balance between performance and cost we take the time to understand the way you work so that we can build your computer accordingly.

For the home user, high spec computers are a different matter Your home computer may be for gaming, hobbies or socialising and, although it's mostly for fun, we understand you also want high spec - even if it's just for bragging rights. We try to keep personality in our high spec PCs for home users: we know that a plain black box just won't cut it. So as well as getting a very high performance computer, we can style it to suit you - whether that's a sculpted case full of lights and moving parts or a super-sleek sophisticated affair that looks distinctly superior. We understand that your computer should be a reflection of you and a source of fun. And we'd never tell your mates how much it really cost.

Our IT Services

If you're a new company setting up its first office, or an established company that is looking to move or expand to a new location, then you're likely to require a varied mixture of computers, printers, telephones and the rest. Choosing the right equipment can be daunting enough, but convincing them to communicate with each other is a compatibility nightmare. At Mamu Computing we have helped companies of all sorts of different sizes move into their new offices as smoothly as possible by supplying, installing and configuring all equipment so that it's ready for use as soon as you need it to be - from simple PCs to full telecoms systems and servers. We can even set up emails for mobile devices and remote access for home workers. Got a short deadline, or need to move over a weekend? No problem. We work around you and your deadlines, making sure that you'll be up and ready in plenty of time. Give us a call and see what we can do.

Not moving, but need a full upgrade of your machinery? We can do that too. We'll work with your budget and specification to find you the best suite for you, making sure that your workers can go home one day after working on your old machines, and come back the next to a fully working new suite. Integration should be seamless, and we aim to make it so, not just by plugging everything in, but by making sure that your existing software and office equipment is all set up and ready to go on your new machines.

Our IT Services

Has the fast pace of technology left you with a vinyl collection that you can't play, or a cupboard full of cassettes that you don't know what to do with? Imagine converting all those different formats and players into a single file server that can be used by a range of devices around the home. A media server in the home allows videos to be watched on TVs, laptops, PC, tablets and smartphones (yes, you can finally watch DVDs on your iPad), and all without having to shell out on all new equipment. Any TV, laptop or PC can be used (even if they're ancient). But it's not just videos and DVDs that can be streamed - you can store your entire music collection on your media server (although you can leave off the embarrassing ones if you want). Access has never been so easy. Even better, we know that some files are irreplaceable, so the media servers we supply come bundled with several layers of protection to ensure that nothing is ever lost. Your kids might not be quite so happy that that photo of them in the bath has survived, however.

Our security guarantee isn't just great for home users: home offices and small start-up companies can rest easy knowing that their work files are safe and sound. The technology used for the media server is perfectly suited for this and, in the case of the home office, can perform both roles at the same time. It's always easier to justify a purchase for something fun if it also has a practical application, so go on: treat yourself. You know it makes sense.

Our Portfolio
Style-Arrival Website Design Style-Arrival

Style-Arrival, a 'posh taxi' firm for executive travel, airport transfers and wedding transport, wanted a complete overhaul of their pre-existing site based on some preliminary design work from students at the University of Lincoln. We took elements of these designs and furthered these to produce a sleek, minimal site that conveyed style and luxury as well as being easy to use and having a clean navigation system. Style-Arrival's crown logo has been used to tie the design together, featuring both on submenus and as a custom scrollbar, and the design has been optimised to work on both square and widescreen monitors as the main content scales to fit the user's screen size, making the site flexible and technically accomplished as well as stylish and modern.

Our Portfolio
call centre Complaint Handling Services

Complaint Handling Services contacted us to supply them with a full office IT suite for a new call centre in Lincolnshire in January 2012. Mamu Computing supplied, configured and installed computers, printers and a file server, as well as a combined wired and wireless network to connect them all together. All equipment was fully configured, all software installed and all licences activated so that the office was ready to work from Day One. We even set up an automatic backup schedule to keep everything secure. Since then the company has grown rapidly and the computer equipment has had to grow with it. We've been able to help this expansion by supplying refurbished equipment that comfortably meets the needs of call centre duties while keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

Our Portfolio
Harmless Website Design Harmless

Harmless, a self-harm charitable organisation based in Nottingham, wanted a complete site overhaul that included brand new blog and shop areas. Taking inspiration from their logo, we designed a turquoise and white coloured site that utilised gentle curves and gradients to emphasise the concept of a safe, caring space on the web for service users to gather and find support. Harmless were also keen to make sure that all of their service users could access the site, regardless of disability or technology, so accessibility was a must. For this, we made sure that the site was configured to be compatible with screen magnifiers and other visual aids, colours were bright and contrasting, and the site is fully compatible across all browsers, old and new.

Our Portfolio
Cherry Stone Retro Website Design Cherrystone Retro

Cherrystone Retro is a concept piece based around a vintage clothing store. A golden picture frame provides a literal frame for the site, showcasing the main content and providing just the right amount of kitschy class to create an atmosphere of real vintage glamour. Retro-styled fonts and hand-drawn images combine with a large leather-textured header and footer and colourful, high definition photos to add a modern touch to this 1940s-inspired paradise, with a built-in rotating feature for showcasing the best in vintage couture. It's also practical as well as stylish, with shopping basket, discounts, stock-keeping and member features, and an easy to use shop administration panel to keep your store updated. It's totally postmodern, totally kitsch, and totally fun.

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Gaming PC for under £1000

We were recently approached by a customer looking for two gaming computers with a total budget of £2000. They wanted gaming computers with great performance and striking looks. The obvious choice of components would have been an Intel i7 processor, a high end NVIDIA graphics card and a ton of RAM, but this puts the computer well over budget. Instead we opted for components that would give the best performance under actual use by th...

New Website for The Art of Building in Loughborough, Leicestershire

After providing The Art of Building with a bespoke business management software solution, we were asked if we could also build their new website; working alongside Richard Jackson who was already working on their rebranding. The site is very responsive, scaling to fit virtually all screen sizes from smartphones up to 27 inch, high resolution screens. Most pages of the website feature a large, single gallery that fills the majority...

New Xbox to be the Xbox One

Yesterday the successor to the hugely popular Xbox 360 was announced via live webcast, and thousands tuned in for their first glimpse of the Xbox One. Billed as ‘the ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system’, the Xbox One aims not just to be a next generation games console, but also to dominate the smart TV and home entertainment market – even announcing that Steven Spielberg will be producing a Halo-based TV sh...

New Website for Signs Direct (Lincoln) Ltd

A brand new site for Signs Direct (Lincoln) Ltd has just been launched by us and is ready for business! Designed around the font and colours within the Signs Direct logo, the site has bold purple and orange highlights but still remains an elegant commercial design. Within the homepage a manually rotating feature displays Signs Direct’s key products and services, and small boxes to the right hand side of the main welcome text are des...